As is often with the case, you needn’t spend a lot of money to find the solution that you require. With modern electronics manufacturing techniques (and here doorbells are the same as ipods, dvds, and televisions), mass production has brought advanced models within everybody’s budget.

Most of the doorbells here are great if you are on a budget, or have simple requirements. At the same time, they are chosen because they are unlikely to cause you any problems - indeed these models have been recommended by consumers and by our own testing. Most have a sturdy and elegant design, a range of bell sounds and volumes, and can easily be set up and installed by almost anyone. We have seen ninety year old customers install these with ease, and children can safely install kids’ models (see the Novelty page) without risk of shock if they are simply putting in batteries and sticking them to their doorframes (make sure never to let children play with the wiring of old, wire doorbell models).

Battery sizes are also usually standard, meaning you should have no problem with finding replacement batteries for your doorbell for the life of the product. We do stock batteries recommended by most of the brands featured, should this be important to you. Most doorbells come with consumer protection and a warranty - see individual models for exact details.

The cheaper models are also great for other uses, such as a buzzer for elderly relatives, or sick children. One buzz (or, nice sounding charm) can call you in the case of an emergency. Our most popular selling model is only $15.00, and it consistently gets good reports. You should be able to find a model for most needs well under the $35 mark, and sometimes less. Still, some people find the extra spent allows them features such as range, resistance to interference, or fitting with their home decor, that they find important. Be sure to see our extended range if you think this may apply to you.

We also stock batteries, extenders, and other inexpensive add ons to even the most advanced systems. We even have video and voice intercom models, should you require one. Be sure to bookmark us in case you later require any of these additional features.